Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Garden of the Gods

My youngest brother is out here to visit for his spring break. Spring is an excellent time to come visit Colorado (hint hint). Yesterday, we spent the day hiking way off the paths (to my husband's law-abiding dismay) at Garden of the Gods. Here is a visual account of our day:

The view from up pretty high after scrambling up there, getting dirty, and falling on cacti.

Taking a nap in the coolest tree!

Luke. Smartly dressed without cuffs in his pants to collect rocks and dirt!

That's me above.

I know I slept well after our day. And since Luke still isn't up yet, I'm assuming he was as exhausted as I was!

In other news: The world is ignoring Iraqi refugees, Lindsay Lohan forgets to button her shirt, and I'm going to Toronto on Thursday!


Megora said...

Is that offer for a lovely spring in colorado for real??? 'Cause I'm thinkin' a long weekend in May.

Aubrey said...

The offer IS for real! Please! Come visit! (letter in the mail)