Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As long as you have a sane reason from a reliable source.

The show Gilmore Girls has come to an end and so (sorry mom) I devote this post to the show. Last night the CW aired the last episode. Though the last season didn't seem as good, though the ending seemed kind of hasty, and though I stopped blogging about it, it still remains one of my favorite shows and I'm going to miss it every Tuesday night! (until I find something else to celebrate with my pizza and wine)

I loved the various relationships in this show: The embarrassing, stressful, and supportive family relationships. The odd, estranged, and even more familial friendships. The schisms in generation, community, and social class. Unlike other popular shows, the characters grew and changed over time. The relationships between them did the same - becoming closer or filled with more tension season by season.

For a show that was half soap-opera, half teen drama, it did a surprisingly good job of keeping up. Fiction is supposed to imitate life. However, this is one of those fictions that for me, opened up aspects of the world that I might not have otherwise noticed (high society, renaissance fairs, private schools, bards in today's society). The show's cultural references to literature, film, politics, current events, and music were at times over my head, and at other times, when I got the joke, felt like little high fives. Is this me being maudlin?

Anyway, I learned a lot from Gilmore Girls. I learned that a devilled egg is one part yolk and two parts mayonnaise; that if you don't get into a good school, your only other option is to marry rich; if you work for eleven years at 1500 jobs, you can afford to buy a house; themed parties are cool; anything can be a competition; boys don't like funny girls; one night in a hallway does not a true naked man make; and that Vicious Trollop is an excellent name for a lipstick.

Now that I will no longer be watching television on Tuesday nights, I am left with The Office and Scrubs on Thursdays. Perhaps I don't watch enough television.

my breakfast

In other news: (what I learned from my TV watching last night): There is going to be a Nancy Drew movie! It comes out on June 15th! Cingular is the new AT&T! Cingular's name is now AT&T! I don't get it. Maybe I do watch enough TV.

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Bone-a-fide said...

How about Fire Fly? Have you seen that? I just finished the DVD series that Megan gave me. I'm sure she'd be happy to have me pass it along to you. Sure it's a Western Sci-Fi with inconsistent Asian influences and sometimes poorly delivered dialogue, but it's a gem nonetheless!