Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year

Usually I take some time to reflect on the year that just ended and rarely do I make New Year's resolutions. But, I have been hearing everywhere recently that it is time for a change. So here goes: Goodbye 2008!

In 2009 I resolve to:
  1. Hang out with friends regularly
  2. Play more at the piano
  3. Get through the winter by cooking something beautiful every week.
Pictured below is my first experiment with resolution number three. It is called a Sunlight Souffle, and it was delicious.

So, friends..... wanna come over and hang out for my next delicious creation? I'll provide the yumminess, you trek through the cold to get here! Fair deal?

In other news: Russian gas giant Gazprom has accused Ukraine of stealing gas meant for other European countries; Coral growth in the Great Barrier Reef is at its slowest rate ever due to the increased acidity of seawater; Jennifer Love Hewitt just became single; And to avoid getting the flu this year, I am going to eat.


Megora said...

Doesn't "gazprom" sound funny? Every time I heard that story on NPR it made me chuckle. It's like they have so much gas in Russia, it feels like an overwrought high school dance.

Bethanie said...

I wish I would have a winter to "get through" just once before I die at least. I have to PRETEND that it's winter...I am going to wait and hope for a cold gray Saturday and make this sunlight thingy. How cozy! :)