Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Soiree

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, several of my musician friends came over for a soiree of sorts. The program included Brahms, Amy Beach, Bach, Henry Martin, Faure, some jazzy musical theater pieces and a flashy Romanian piece by ?????? (Otilia - please fill in the blank!).

It was festive and dorky and I was so excited to hear my piano played so beautifully today. I recorded everyone, but without being given their permission, I'll only include my playing here.

This is the opening of a Schumann piece titled Kreisleriana, which is based on a very strange book by E.T.A. Hoffmann.

Kreisleriana opening

A slightly more typical and festive way of celebrating the Fourth of July is with a picnic near the beach:

The above photos were taken by my sister April.


Megora said...

This sounds wonderful! What equipment did you end up purchasing? I think the recording sounds fantastic. I can't believe there's no ambient sound. Where did you place the recorder? Inside the piano?

Aubrey said...

The Zoom H2 Recorder from Samson. Recorder was hiding on a bookshelf so it wouldn't freak out the performers. And thanks!