Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My kitchen table is where you want to be!

I just got back from a shopping adventure at The Spice House and I can't wait to start cooking!

I picked up some mustard (it is going to be great for making dressing for a tuna nicoise salad), some white truffle salt (to fancy-up a baked potato), three different types of dried mushrooms, dried sage (I'm making mushroom sage ravioli), dried bell pepper (for the Cuban red beans and rice), chilis (for the alu roti, once I learn how to make my own ghee), himalayan pink salt, basil, and dried lemongrass (for the noodle soup).

Tonight though, it is sweet potato latkes (with some new maple sugar) and squash ravioli. Dinner is at seven.

In other news: Ice skating is at 9:15pm at McFetridge - the amateur kind, not the Olympic kind - I can now skate backwards, foolishly; Volkswagon has a new car that is supposed to get a whopping 170 miles to the gallon; Elephants might be able to count; And King Tut was killed by Malaria.

(I'm also REALLY excited about making some goat cheese.)



Anonymous said...

No, opposite.

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