Thursday, July 22, 2010

Suzerain (play a guessing game with me!)

Okay guys - word of the week: suzerain!

It is either:

suzerain (n) - an object that contains indentations, notches, or battlements

suzerain (n) - a style of buffet plates that can currently be found at Crate and Barrel

suzerain (n) - a nation that controls another nations international affairs allowing it domestic independence

suzerain (n) - none of the above, in which case, you must supply your own answer.


Eliza said...

There is some residual middle school social studies knowledge in me that says C. Then again, I don't remember being a particularly good student in middle school...

Aubrey said...

Ding ding ding! Though it looks like Liz was the only one playing, I got e-mails and facebook comments with answers. It doesn't matter though, because Liz is the WINNER! Congratulations! An even bigger congratulations for remembering that from middle school! I just learned it last week!

Bethanie said...

I think it's a musical instrument.

Bethanie said...


Bethanie said...