Thursday, December 02, 2010

Ribbon of Highways; Endless Driving Days

Day One.  8:00am.  Starting out heading west from Chicago.

After 1 hour:  An old farmhouse west of the Chicago suburbs.

After 2 hours:  Western Illinois.

After 3 hours:  NPR and books on tape.

After 4 hours:  Iowa.

After 5 hours:  Lt. Organic Farm, serving fresh meals just off I-80.

After 6 hours:  More Iowa.

After 7 hours:  Iowa Wind Farms.

Just getting into Omaha.  End of Day One.

Day Two:  Heading West again!

After 1 hour:  Nebraska.

After 2 hours:  Nebraska.

After 3 hours:  Kearney Nebraska.

After 4 hours:  I'd eat meat from this farm.

After 5 hours:  Or this one.

After 6 hours, clouds seem exciting.

After 7 hours:  Getting into Colorado.

After 8 hours:  zzzzz

After 9 hours:  Colorado.

After 10 hours:  Rocky Mountains / Pikes Peak / Colorado Springs


Bethanie said...

I love this post! Did you stop and eat at that organic farm? It seems wonderful. I want to see it. Maybe when Steve and I drive to Iowa, we could stop there. :)

chelsea said...

Very cool post!

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timeinabottle said...

That drive across Iowa and Nebraska can suck the life right out of your. You made it seem amusing.

Aubrey said...

Bethanie - I have eaten at that organic farm. Late November isn't the time to get an abundance of fresh produce in Iowa though. The rest of the trip, every hour, I would just pull over, stand up through my sunroof and take a picture of whatever I saw. I imagine your trip will look much the same!

Aubrey said...

Chelsea - thanks! I'm a little confused by the antelope hunting website though.

TimeInABottle - thank you. It sounds like you've done that drive before!

Megora said...

If you're sleeping at Hour 8 on Day 2, I would like to know where so I can get off the road.

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