Thursday, November 15, 2007

Los Pajaros

This evening I took my Dad to see The Birds - a play done by Hell in a Handbag Productions and loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock's movie by the same name. I hadn't been to a play in a long long time and this one was one of the most entertaining evenings I have had in ages.

The screenplay was clever - an incredibly original psychological drama which incorporates scenes from the movie as well as a "behind the scenes" story for a fast paced, hilarious and all around creepy play. Though the play was written so well, it is the actors and actresses that really made the evening spectacular. With musical numbers, high energy, and a perfect setting (the coach house of an old mansion on Sheridan Road) I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The other night I tried a new scotch. Dalmore 12 year. My Dad got it for his birthday and shared a bit with me. What really stood out to me about this particular scotch was its saltiness. It smelled like crackers, had a strong sweet and salty taste and a very long finish. I think it would go very well with Indian food, and I know it goes very well with Pinot Noir.

In other news: It is actually the law to put your right hand over your heart during the National Anthem - it isn't really news because it has been the case since 1942; Britney Spears runs over another foot; and I'm sick. How many of you get flu shots? And for how many of you does your place of work provide them for you? Just curious. I have over 60 students - what do you think my chances of getting the flu are this year?

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Shana said...

Chances of getting the flu with that many students? Pretty high. I hope you got your flu shot.

I was also glad to read you loved "The Birds." I haven't seen it, but I adore the theatre.