Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scotch Review

It has been ages since I last blogged about the varieties of scotch I have tried. You are likely to think I had stopped drinking! Well, let me catch you up.

A lucky bottle I bought and just recently finished (thanks Dad) was the Balvenie double wood 12 year. I enjoyed this scotch as a dessert often enough and found it to be very sweet, with a spicy and citrusy taste and a short, tingly, warming and nutty finish. For its price, it is a really great buy!

To replace my newly polished off bottle of Balvenie, I purchased a bottle of Cragganmore, 12 year. This also is a hit (thank goodness - since I bought the bottle!) though I think it is quite different. It is a speyside so it tends to have a taste of foliage that I find in most speysides. This time, it reminds me of palm trees. It isn't as warming as many of the scotches I like but the taste develops slowly in your mouth. I think it is also minty and has a very long finish.

I was lucky enough to get to also try a Macallan, Cask Strength. Now cask strength means that the whiskey hasn't been diluted at all and is often times more potent than the regular stuff. You might choose to dilute it a bit yourself since some whiskeys open up in taste with a little water. I however, chose not to. It was the right decision because this Macallan was butterscotchy, snickerdoodley, syruppy and intense. Yum!

There have definitely been others that I have tried, but these are some of the highlights, and more unusual buys that I wanted to share. To all the scotch drinkers out there - Cheers! - and if anybody has a bottle of Rosebank, I'm dying to try it and they're very hard to find!

In other news: According to an English study, giving children drugs for ADHD works no better than doing nothing in the long-term; tons of fuel oil leak into the Black Sea as a Russian tanker is torn in half in a storm that sinks four other ships; Paris Hilton filed a lawsuit against Hallmark for using her likeness on a greeting card without her permission; and you can download free audiobooks to your computer, mp3 player or ipod from LibraVox!

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