Thursday, August 27, 2009

Letters to Sartre

Letters are so funny. Especially when you can only access one side of the correspondence. One of the things I love about reading letters is that you get a particular picture of the writer and the reader that one wouldn't get if the story had been told as just that - A STORY.

I read this book most nights before bed - one letter at a time for nearly a year and am feeling a little of a loss. I think I'm going to miss DeBeauvoir!

These letters gave me a very good picture of Paris during World War II and even Chicago and Hollywood in the 1950. And this couple - DeBeauvoir and Sartre knew everybody! So, the letters are riddled with names of famous philosophers, artists, musicians and politicians.

In other news:  Hold onto your appendix - it may be necessary afterall!;  Trees around the world are colonising new territories in response to higher temperatures; Lindsay Lohan robbed her own house; it is back to school time!  


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