Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying New Things (or the sibling adventure)

Even though I've been hiking, been to the beach, seen concerts, gone to museums, met new people, and am going to be doing some traveling soon, my newest adventure took place at a chain restaurant in Westmont, Illinois.

After taking Sibling #2  to his new dorm for the year, I returned to the Chicago area and stopped by to see my family and say, "bye," to Sibling #3, who was packing to leave the next day, and see how Sibling #4 was preparing to leave for her first year in college.  (Sibling #5 is moving into his new dorm as I type and Sibling #1 has a few weeks before she will settle into her school-year residence.)  And YET...... that isn't the adventure I'm here to blog about!


Have you ever had oysters?  I hadn't.   That shortcoming has recently been remedied:

My oysters.  Oh!  And some battered and fried alligator.  I forgot!  I hadn't had that before either!

This is, apparently, how it is done.

And since no blog is complete without a picture of what I had for dinner:

Hazelnut crusted tilapia and green beans.  A new recipe for me to play with.

Stay tuned for pictures of my composting worms!

[The above numbering order of my siblings is not representative of when they left for college.  Nor is it representative of how much I love them.  It is merely their birth order after me.  I apologize for any confusion.]

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Bethanie said...

Wow! Good job trying oysters! I would only eat them fried as a kid,(my grandma always made them, living in a town where they have something called "Oysterfest" and all) but ever since I met Steve, I eat raw ones too. :)