Sunday, March 21, 2010

Deep Dish Pizza at High Altitude!

It is possible. It works. It is not a myth! Deep dish pizza DOES exist for those outside of Chicago! You just have to have a mixer with a dough hook, four hours with nothing else going on, and endless patience. Here is the proof:

In other news: Thousands of Chicagoans ran the Shamrock Shuffle this morning in crappy weather (icy rain and snow, which the race officials only deemed "less than ideal"); the health-care-bill vote is today, which will probably end up just being one vote in a series of votes making this whole attempt a joke; and Kansas lost against West Virginia yesterday!


Monte said...

That was a lot of fun making that with you! Love you!

Lauren said...

Ok, this pictures is great! You are presenting your delicious looking pizza with such a warm smile. "Try it, you'll love it!" you say. Oh how I wish I could! Looks delicious. :)

And cute shirt!

Anonymous said...
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