Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Go See Avenue Q

I saw the musical Avenue Q this evening and was diverted by the wit, engaged in the music and thoroughly impressed by the talent of the singers/puppeteers. Avenue Q is described (in a number very much like Skid Row) as being the cheap neighborhood where you live while you're figuring it all out and waiting for your dreams to come true. Before I continue, let me just disclose that the show is a bit raunchy (think puppet sex). (Okay. Now stop thinking puppet sex.)

A cast of characters (mostly puppets) going through what might be called a Quarter-Life-Crisis host comedy in a Sesame Street-like world, where counting lessons (five night stands vs. one-night-stands) and vocabulary lessons (schadenfreunde) are the interludes between story and singing/dancing numbers. My favorite numbers were "Everyone Is A Little Bit Racist," "Internet is for Porn," and "The More you Love Someone, The More you Want to Kill Them."
Focusing on a recent college graduate with a B.A. in english who is facing the reality of finding his place in a world that doesn't have a meal plan or a faculty advisor, the show traces hardships, friendships, relationships (I feel like there should be another ship here) as they grow or are accepted (all with uncouthe jokes and fabulous puppeteering).

As far as I could tell, the wholesome evangelical people of Colorado Springs were tolerant of the quip about Republicans, supported the born-again-Christian puppet, and were not offended by Ernie outing Bert as gay. Wait. Not Bert and Ernie. Anyway, what I learned: Everybody is a little bit unsatisfied, It sucks to be me/you, You save money in the long run by buying beer in bulk, and everything in life is only for NOW. So, hang in there?

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