Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank You Card for Megan

Well! Six and a half years ago I sent a thank-you card to my friend Megan, and I just found out that she never got it! Because sending her one now would be lame, and because I can't just let this go, I have prepared a more public and more poetic thank-you than the original one was.

It goes like this...... 

Do you like your new s'mores maker?
"Yes, I do!" said Aubrey Faith-Slaker

We use it when we're mountain biking
We use it when we're going hiking!

We use it with the coolest fellows
We can't get enough of those marshmallows!

We use it with our dinner guests
Especially when we're dining out west!

We take it with us on road trips
The chocolate and crackers go straight to our hips!

We used it with our new friend Joel
It's great because we don't need coal!

We use it first thing in the morning
We even follow the safety warning!

We use it when we're out of doors
We use it whenever we really want s'mores!

Though we didn't thank you, please don't be miffed
We really love our wedding gift!


Love, Aubrey and Monte

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