Monday, April 02, 2007

No Stamp in my Passport

I've been out of the country again! But now I'm back. Aside from causing me to feel foolish using loonies and toonies to pay for things, Canada is quite nice! (Here is a tidbit that I didn't learn until returning to the states: the nickname loonie was adopted because there is a picture of a bird on the one dollar coin).

The highlights of my trip (which was really to attend a conference though there are no pictures here of that since there were none worth taking):

A view of Toronto from the window of the Sheraton and a welcome respite from conference sessions.

Well, I found my favorite restaurant there! And I insisted on eating there every other day! Above, lemongrass and eggplant curry. Perfect with a cup of Ginger tea and mango juice.

Niagara Falls of course!

My wonderful hosts, Dawn and Erik, freezing and getting wet in front of Niagara Falls!

I also stopped in Chicago and was able to see almost everyone in my immediate family. Though I was pretty exhausted, I had a wonderful time and I should have taken pictures!

In other news: The E.P.A. is responsible and has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide emited from automobiles, Tara Reid's bikini almost fits, the Darfur conflict continues to spread violence to its neighbors, and Gilmore Girls is a rerun again this week.


Megora said...

You know, if you ask them to stamp your passport, they will. And in fact, I find this makes them more pleasant at the border.

So was the conference in Toronto, or Niagara-on-the-Lake? Isn't Niagara incredible? I LOVED it! My sister and my mom and I rode the Maiden of the Mist to the Canadian falls. I stood in my blue poncho in the bow screaming "Closer! Closer!!!" So fun.

You should check out the show Wonderfalls. It is a fox TV show set in Niagara and is so kitchy and cute. It has since been cancelled. (I am convinced that Fox has no taste. They cancel all the best shows...Firefly anyone???)But you can certainly Netflix it.

The heroine of the show is a college grad underachiever, modern-day Joan of Arc, who lives in a 50s-era trailer and is forced into acts of kindness by inanimate objects that talk to her. And I say forced because she states "Why me? I don't even like people."

Aubrey said...

Conference was in Toronto. I'll have to go back to Niagara Falls in the summer when it isn't so bitterly cold! I'd love to ride Maiden of the Mist. Very very cool.