Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Environmentally Conscious

According to some source I recently encountered but don't recall, Fiji water, one of the best tasting and coolest packaged bottled waters (my opinions) is not worth its price to the environment.

Apparently, taking into account the true cost of producing and transporting it, it takes 26 times more water than is actually in the bottle to get it to us here in the states. And according to Treehugger, the the manufacture and transport of that one kilogram bottle of Fiji water consumed 7.1 gallons of water, .26 gallons of fossil fuel and emitted 1.2 pounds of Greenhouse Gases.

For more information on the study, click here..

In other news: Paris Hilton has no friends and throws weird parties, I just found out that Newt Gingrich is a novelist, and ineluctable means not to be avoided, changed or resisted.


Bone-a-fide said...

This is HORRIBLY disappointing. Fiji water was my favorite. ::Sigh:: Is nothing in this world sacred?

Megora said...

OK. I'm very behind in reading your blog. So expect a slew of responses in one go here. But MAN, I love Fiji. Though, I haven't bought it in a while because I'm now obsessed with the packaging of Fred water. It's water for hipsters. It's packaged in bottles that look like they are bottles of vodka. So sly. I ALSO love treehugger.com. I got most of Christmas present ideas from them this year. Thanks for the heads up on Fiji!