Thursday, February 01, 2007

Important Inventions that Were Not Mentioned in the President's Speech

Please check out my friend's blog on this very topic at:

There are a few inventions however, that she failed to incorporate that I think our President might have bothered to mention:

The cross-nationality noodle steam reducer! Now you can start eating your hot meal RIGHT AWAY!

Our calorie deficit is getting out of control! Now we can apply butter to our toast without the hassle of using a butter knife and spreading!

And in other news: Lindsay Lohan has a healthy appetite, Brandy is getting super sued (with lasers!), and lo and behold...... the earth's climate change is 'very likely' due to human activities.


Call It Courage said...

I am now doing my part to protect the ozone layer by using stick butter rather than aerosol spray butter.

(I feel so good about myself!)

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