Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mango Custard

If you thought from the title that this blog is about food - you're right!

My husband is away in Chicago to watch the Superbowl with other Bears fans. I do not qualify because though I am from Chicago as well, watching football really only leaves me with intense interest in floorboards….. ceiling tiles…. split ends.

But so, regardless of reason …… my husband is away and I had chocolate cake for breakfast. I had a stir fry for lunch fifteen minutes later. I had mussels in a white wine garlic butter sauce for dinner. Garlic butter sauce? Ah yes…. You know what my breath is going to be like tomorrow and also why I only eat like this when he is away!

But wait!

There’s more!

Hehehe. For supper I had an entire bud of garlic, roasted and spread on toasted French bread. And a glass of Strathisla.

Now, you may recall the foodgasm I had over the Strathisla vintage I had over the holidays out of my dad’s cabinet to soothe my poor Laphroaig-abuse tongue. Well, THIS….. is not the same. Not quite. It is very fresh, just like the one I first tasted. And the aroma….. ahhhhh – very much like dried fruit I think. It is spicy and cedary (my words…. So take them with a grain of salt)…. and the author of my scotch book gives it an 80 on his scale. I give it a burgundy heart-shaped medallion. But my scale isn’t based on numbers, and is thus less helpful.

Cheers! And enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!

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