Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Female Brain

I just finished the book The Female Brain by Louanne Brizendine. Unless I spelled her name wrong. Then it is by somebody else.

First, let me tell you, that research involving rats piques my interest much more than any other kind. I think I have more sympathy for rats than I do for humans. Especially those on cocaine and those with research instigated brain issues.

But, some things I learned from this book about humans: (a) In some societies, anthropologists have found that the presence of a grandmother improves a child's prospect for survival much more than the presence of a father. (b) After menopause, a woman's drive to tend and care, as well as her urge to avoid conflict at all costs is significantly lessened. (c) The female's brain is only half as likely to be wired for same-sex attraction as is the male brain. (d) Young girls are better at mirroring than boys and are thus able to understand others' emotions more easily.

I don't know how all this applies to rats, which is a question of more concern, but from this research, we can probably gather enough information to see an improvement in their quality of life!

In other news: I think I have the flu, The Superficial is less compelling since Anna Nicole Smith died, all of my students received superior markings in the piano festival this weekend, and Reverand Ted Haggard is cured of homosexuality and is being urged to leave Colorado Springs.

(Pictured above, Hamlin is the dark rat, and Shortbread is the light one. The have their own bedroom and would have smiled for the camera, but I woke them up from a nap. You know how that is).


DougieB said...

... so, they did all of this research on rats, and quantified it's sexual attraction and their ability to empathize?

though i don't suppose any of the research really isn't that surprising.

Oh! and lastly, i don't think that we're going to be joining you for the Shins show this week, but will hopefully see you down in the Springs in two weekends..

Bone-a-fide said...


So...overall, would you recommend the book?

Also, congrats on your students' success! (They must have a kiss-ass teacher.)