Monday, June 04, 2007

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I have a cold and seem to remember a whole bunch of blogging intentions I experienced over the past week or so. However, I think my brain is congested. So, if you've seen me recently, take a vitamin C, and for your viewing pleasure:
We got weird looking when you had your backs turned.

Monte's mom came to visit us for almost an entire week. It was GREAT.

Me from an unflattering perspective with a beautiful sky above.

Curry. Is it me? Or has she gotten even CUTER?

In other news: The "surge" isn't working in Iraq, "Waitress" is a good movie, Dutch researchers are trying to grow pork in petri dishes, and Japan has three times as much solar power being used as the U.S. even though it has far less land and gets half as much sun as California.

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Jeff said...

Actually, the data presented in the past few days indicates that the surge IS having some 'positive' effect....the problem is the total numbers are well below the half million or so which would be necessary to 'pacify' the country or 'annexe' it to the u.s. as a 51st state since at that point there would be no iraqui government, military, economy, or starbucks!!!!