Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Doesn't matter a rambling damn.

Quote of the day: "Doubt is a virtue, JFK told students 45 years ago. Without it we have the tragic bluster and empty optimism of political culture today." - Peter Birkenhead

In other news: I attended a raw-foods cooking class this past weekend in Vail, Colorado. I was so excited to finally eat that I forgot to take pictures. You'll get them when I actually make the food myself! Hehehehe. If that happens.

And Curry has grown up. She is no longer a puppy; she is a dog of the world. Here are some pictures from her recent trip to Vedauwoo with some of her friends:

Mangy looking dog, wouldn't you say?

And...... there is no other news. Enough of a break, I'm back to work.

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