Wednesday, October 10, 2007

59th Street Bridge

I recently, with the prodding of my parents, purchased an ipass. (A small device that you attach to your windshield that automatically deducts the cost of toll money from your account). I did this to save a bit of money (eighty cents can be a lot sometimes), though I now have no idea how much each toll is costing me. Happily, I am able to zip down the highway without worrying about changing lanes to go pay tolls or having correct change.

However, lately I have had this niggling feeling that I'm missing something. Last night, driving home in the solitary shelter of my mini-van - my personal mobile world - I passed a tollbooth on I-88. As I zipped by in the dark, I wanted to strain my eyes to peer into their boxes. I recognize these people; I have talked to these people; I know these people! But I couldn't make any of them out because I was moving too fast.

In other news: A bunch of hooligans punched a hole in a Monet at a museum in France; Malaysia's first astronaut is set to blast off for a voyage to the International Space Station; Accusations of failings in Sunday's Chicago marathon won't affect the city's 2016 Olympic bid, organisers say (thank goodness, huh?); Britney Spears' new album is coming out early due to demand; And scientists have repaired the nerve damage caused by multiple sclerosis in lab experiments on mice.

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