Friday, October 05, 2007

An Old Blog I Never Posted

On my day off, when I ought to be lesson planning, I stayed in bed for two hours this morning after waking to read a children's book titled The Princess Academy. I started it when a student didn't show up for a make-up lesson and I was left in my studio with a basket of books I have for siblings. Hehe. I found myself taking every spare minute that day to get in a little more reading. Children's books are so compelling. Their stories are so tidy, they are emotionally uncomplicated, and they communicate very clearly with the reader. There is never any confusion as to what the reader is supposed to take away from the experience.

I learned, from this book, that hard work pays off, that families are important, that sticking up for what you believe is right will win you friends and respect, that marrying a prince isn't every girls dream, and that friendships are opportunities that should never be passed up on.

I love children's books.

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