Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Consumer Advice

In lieu of blogging about my gorgeous trip to the Morton Arboretum, or the stained glass Museum at Navy Pier, or the Murray Perahia concert I went to last Sunday, I'm going to share a few items out there that give me a bit of delight (I might come back some day and tell you about my above mentioned adventures).

First however, I'd like to share with you my delight with Kashi Frozen Meals. I just had the lemongrass coconut chicken with quinoa. It has 18g of protein and 7g of fiber and tastes terrific! And only four minutes in the microwave? Score!

Also, not new to the market, but new to me is the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. Not only is it so very cool for cleaning your shower for you, but it has its own domain name! How hip is that?! [Warning - according to my step-mom, you should not open the shower door or curtain while the shower cleaner is operating.]

And in the spirit of being helpful, here is a link for how best to use Halloween candy.

In other news: Doll-housing crisis set to worsen, mean older brother says (the onion), while Sales of existing US homes fell by 8% in September, the biggest decline in 16 years; Britney Spears is a model parent; Twenty One candidates in Columbia for positions such as governor, mayor, regional assembly members and municipal officials have been murdered in attacks along the campaign trail; And the Museum of Broken Relationships is a hit in Berlin!

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