Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can we just send an e-vite?

First of all, I would like to wish all my dedicated readers a happy Buxtehude Pizza Tuesday! I celebrated with a nice Simi Cabernet and a pretty good pizza. Now, those of you that watch and enjoy Gilmore Girls (I know you’re out there) and read my blog (okay, the word “few” may be overstating it) probably missed my comments on last weeks episode. And for that, I apologize. From what I remember, Christopher is a “likeable” guy!

But when it comes to this week: my top ten Gilmore Girls thoughts:

1. I think “Man’s Inhumanity to Man” is a great theme for a party! Isn’t that what parties are about anyway? What would you serve as appetizers? Although I guess “Everyone Leaves by 8:30” would be more my kind of party.

2. TJ does the Survivor Challenges??? I’ve seen this show a mere one or two times…. But never thought of THAT!

3. If there is a food and wine tasting….. I’m THERE!

4. Kirk is an absolute asshole this season!

5. Snarkiness? Really? FANTASTIC. Who is going to keep MY snarkiness in check though?!

6. Boys make things more confusing, more complicated and more complex as they age. The three C’s! Remember that girls!

7. AND Venus and a bowl of soup are still too similar. They’re both sort of ROUND. I think more like…. Venus and a kick in the shin.

8. My husband thinks Christopher should know better to not get into a fight with Luke. I think it was charming. In the Christmas spirit!

9. I delete number 9. It was about Emily and Lorelei and marriage. Emily is punctilious. But sweet.

10. I hate these girls afterwards. Is this a “great” idea of the CWs?! Bring back the WB I say! Less commentary! More hurricanes and drug overdoses!

I would have probably enjoyed the episode more if not for my lack of pizza sauce.

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