Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bright Copper Kettles

Snow alternates between being a cold, icy burden that endangers drivers and gives homeowners heart attacks as they struggle to clear their driveways and being that magical, glistening wonder that softens the daylight noises and brightens the nighttime sky.

We have had both this week. And today, as I gazed out my bedroom window, since I don’t have to leave the house this morning, I was able to appreciate the single digit overnight temperatures because the trees in the backyard had become these delicate sparkly icicles.

I’m glad it is Sunday. I’m glad it has snowed. But I look forward to the week as I start to receive packages in the mail of items I’ve ordered for my family for Christmas. Whether they are for me or not….. I LOVE PACKAGES!

I hope has the leisure and focus to be able to appreciate December as it usually disappears before we know it!

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