Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ooooh! Chocolate!

For years, I have been driving by a psychic reading sign and have never stopped in. So, today, on a lark, Lydia and I stopped in. There was a Christmas special...... $10.00 for a palm reading! SCORE!

So, from what I can remember because the woman spoke SO QUICKLY:

1. I am good hearted
2. I am free hearted (what??)
3. I am going to spend six months out of state for my career.
4. I will have a big move and change of residence next year.
5. There is one minor illness in my family but everyone else is healthy and will remain so for the near future.
6. I am very independent and make decisions based on that.
7. I will have a kid in the next two years.
8. I will have two kids.
9. Some other stuff.
10. I'm ten dollars poorer than I was this morning. :)

I hope everyone else is enjoying a holiday treat as special as mine!

I am currently in Madison, Wisconsin, enjoying a nice glass of wine, chatting with my sister and her boyfriend and listening to the puppies exhaust eachother with no effort on my part at all!

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Bone-a-fide said...

Yeah, I don't know about the $10 psychic. Brian and I went to one a lark one late night (after too many drinks), and the readings were TERRIBLE! It was similar--you are a good person, you have many friends, but then...she told both of us this..."Do NOT tell any of your friends about this reading!" How psych-O is that? She didn't want us sharing because she said the same BS to both of us!

However, on a good psychic note, we hired a real one to come do half hour readings on my birthday this year and they were awesome...of course, she told Megan she would be a big celebrity in 6 months, and that was 5 months ago, so...