Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I never saw the truth hanging from the door

Starbucks has its own satellite radio. I don't know what to make of this. I clearly haven't sat at a starbucks long enough in recent history to hear the woman announce it. And I'm torn.

I like small business. Non-chain restaurants. Places that make a town unique. (Come visit Colorado Springs for a sampling of every chain restaurant known to this country - and nothing else). I am opposed to corporations that tout us into frequenting them by their recognizablitiy and ubiquity.

And I was sitting there, finishing the book The Omnivore's Dilemma which advocates thoughtful eating and consumption (things I think Starbucks diminishes in us) and so was really feeling the resentment.

However, not only did Starbucks satellite delight me with artists like Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel, but they were not playing Christmas music! The were LULLING me! And I enjoyed it. Sigh.

This is my puppy who wants nothing more than to be cuddled all day.

And yet, In other news:

I will no longer be using the phrase "word to the wise." Though I am told it is derived from the Latin phrase which translates "a word to the wise is enough," (which makes way more sense), nobody uses it that way and so I have struck it from my list of accessible phrases I might be heard to use.

AND Lindsay Lohan is still a loser. Or so I read.


your mom said...

I would totally cuddle with Curry. She's cuddlicious.

What does the phrase, "A word to the wise is enough" translate to in English? I don't get it. I feel like I'm watching a movie.

Aubrey said...

Hahaha. Maybe I'm not being clear.

1. There was a Latin Phrase.
2. Translated into English, that phrase was literally, "a word to the wise is enough."
3. That sort of means that the wise can take a hint. You don't need to knock them over the head.
4. We always just say, "A word to the wise" and end it there.
5. That sort of implies that the wise, more than others, need that word.
6. And then there was this cursed Aztec gold.....

DougieB said...

Sorry you even have to put up with starbucks as your medium for relaxation and mocha -- i'll be sure to smirk smilently the next time i hit old town and walk to five different places in 30 minutes (like we had to a few weeks ago...)

lauren said...

On the topic of coffee... and socially responsible and thoughtful consumption...

We've been really impressed with Deans Beans ( for coffee. It's a sad reality that many of the large chain coffee companies use Fair Trade as a marketing ploy and actually only buy a small percentage of their coffee at a price that pays the farmer a fair wage. (For instance, Starbucks- 1%... yet they advertise their commitment to paying fair wages)

Equal Exchange ( also seems like a great option, and they also do tea and chocolate.

your mom said...

Hmm. Okay--that makes sense. I think the current usage of "a word to the wise" was so engrained in my head that I tried to tag on the "is enough" part and--well--the mojo just wasn't flowing enough.

Bone-a-fide said...

Thanks for explaining the Wise phrase in six easy steps. (I too didn't get it, but now I do, which is good...but must mean I'm clearly not among the wise. Ha!)