Monday, November 13, 2006

You can't be popular AND smart!

I am back in Colorado Springs. I took a vacation last week to rejuvenate my drooping spirits. Instead, I have returned anxious, headachy, and exhausted.

Some highpoints though were lunch in Chinatown, spending lazy moments with friends, getting up in the morning and getting on the train to go somewhere and to do something, sitting in a wonderful window while watching it rain (the rain!), and surprising my Dad for his birthday.

The weather was bracing on this walk pictured here, but regardless, I was enjoying myself immensely.

I visited the Lincoln Park Conservatory which smells delicious and brings back happy memories. With a pocket full of change, I made fountain wishes for myself for the first time. We shall see how that goes or if I should go back to my vague and useless wishes for an end to starvation and cruelty and morons having babies.

To sum up my high school reunion, I would have to say that it was ……..

Yes. I have no word in which to sum it up, or even a handful of words to describe it.

There were people I would have liked to have seen that I missed, and people that I honestly think I had never talked to before that night. I really did enjoy some lovely conversation with some surprising people. Everybody drank too much. We didn’t even make up the sleep (I haven’t YET!). A bunch of us got together for a dinner before the reunion which made arriving a lot easier (was it the dinner or the wine?) and the evening, though exhausting (I’m not sure if the smile was real or pasted on) went by SO quickly.

Bill O'Brien, Jessica Griffiths, Monte Carpenter, Michelle Brinckerhoff, Hillary Walla, me (I am not that short, I'm trying to make sure I don't block anyone's head!), Trina Smith, Monica Elmer. We are all proudly wearing name tags with our high school pictures on them.

It is now time, however, for a quiet cup of tea and a slice of banana bread before I pick up my puppy from the vet. I hope she isn’t mad at me when she sees me!

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