Saturday, November 25, 2006

Time is tapping on my forehead

After two and a half days of lazing around at home and overeating, it is now the weekend. Thanksgiving Day, my favorite of all the holidays has come and gone. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite because there are no pressures, expectations, dogmas, or huge expenses; it is simply about thinking about your life and being thankful. And at its most commercial, Thanksgiving is about good food and family; both things I can support celebrating.
(my meal. my delicious delicious meal).
This year though, Thanksgiving felt a little different. Maybe I’m not thankful, maybe I don’t like thinking about life, maybe the food wasn’t good enough! (Hah…. Unlikely). But, nonetheless, it felt different. I gave up Thanksgiving with family in order to be able to spend Christmas with them (honestly, living over a thousand miles away from “home” isn’t all it is cracked up to be)! But, the food was good, a friend of mine from Texas came up to visit, the turkey was moist, the leftovers are extensive, and now I don’t have to be irritable when I hear Christmas music.

(me and Jessica. I'm all red from cooking and we're both hungry. We don't look as thin anymore as we do here!)

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your mom said...

Yeah--Thanksgiving rocks. Especially when pronounced, "thanks-GIV-ing" as opposed to the southern alternative.

Just celebrate the holidays with the Newkirks. There's nothing else to do in Wichita except relax.