Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sea-worthy Swankitude

Getting prepared for a big Thanksgiving.

I am too tired to cook. I am supposed to be making a pumpkin pie, an apple cranberry pie, and a cheeseball appetizer.

Instead, my friend Jessica and I went to the zoo. I love the zoo…. I just can’t help it. We’re zoo members! In fact, Jessica and I didn’t see another adult there that hadn’t come with a child. Oh well. We DID feed some very greedy giraffes,

saw a spectacled bear being inappropriate with himself, hiked up quite a ways to see a condor in his captive splendor, realized that bald eagles are some of the fluffiest eagles around, and had a pretty good time with an orangutan (I had to look up that word to spell it properly).

Since the zoo, we have meandered around the downtown area, eaten way too much for the tiny little people we are (okay…. I speak for just myself here), and are now thinking about taking the puppy to the pet store for some fun, and going to see a movie.

When AM I going to cook?! (however..... those grasshopper squares are FABULOUS!)

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