Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Uh oh GOOD? or uh oh BAD?

I am very glad to have watched this weeks episode of Gilmore Girls, and let me just say that repeating the non-repeating portions of language tapes is a fabulous way to learn accents. I’m doing that with my Japanese CDs right now! Repeating the woman’s English I have found is perfect for learning a British accent!

But on to our beloved characters….. It is cute that he is dating now, but Luke should have seen right away how scary the swim coach was going to be when she said about the swim lessons, “This is not something I would wait on.” Whoa. I wonder if Luke got himself roped into this out of an honest attraction for the woman, or if he is a little too much of a wuss to walk away.

And does anyone remember the really chipper girl at the parent check-in that Christopher and Lorelei encountered? I used to BE that girl when I worked at the bagel shop at five in the morning in high school. Chipper little girls like me are excellent propaganda for parent weekends. Along with croissants and cloth napkins. (thank goodness that I have grown out of that though).

My last real comment (if any of these can be called real): Christopher is a DORK. I didn’t know this about him coming into this episode…. Did any of you? I mean, I am not used to thinking of dorks as the kind of guys that get girls pregnant when they’re only sixteen! But he certainly outed himself with that goody-goody question about dark matter (or something) in this episode! And the superman emblem comment? Dork. Luckily for him, Lorelei seems to like dorks. (I hope I’m not offending anyone with my incessant use of the word dork). Which makes me wonder how it was that she was really with Luke.

Overall though, Kirk doing Top Gun, the acapella Bon Jovi, and the fact that Christopher and Lorelei thought they won parents weekend (ah – but a fancy little twist left someone else winning entirely!)…. made for a perfect hour accompaniment to my pizza and custard fruit tart.

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