Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Reason to Leave your House

Happy Buxtehude Pizza Tuesday to all of you!

Some of you already know about my tradition and SOME of you may think that Buxtehude is the name of a German organist with the first name of Dietrich who was an influence on Bach. And in some ways you would be correct. However, the meaning of buxtehude that is sweeping the nation is:

Bux*te*hu*de ..buks-te-hu-de.. n. : a casual gathering among friends usually involving good food, the occasional alcoholic beverage, and scintillating conversation. (a weekly television program may be substituted for the conversation portion of the buxtehude).

This Buxtehude Tuesday also happens to be Election Day. I didn’t vote. I am still registered in Wyoming and to my husband’s chagrin when he tried to register us in Colorado……. We had missed the deadline. We could vote absentee…… but why? So the voters in Cheyenne could laugh at the two votes the Democratic party received in their state?

Interestingly (living in a military town; two airforce bases, the airforce academy, an army base, and NORAD), the Army Times published an editorial titled “Time for Rumsfeld to Go.” Also interestingly…. Dick Cheney is gracing my town with his presence today. Maybe if I go for a drive I can run him over! Ahem. I mean maybe I can catch sight of him!

WHY people live in Colorado Springs:
HOW people live in Colorado Springs:
But back to the election….. correspondents of BBC news say that Democratic control of even one house of Congress would mean legislative gridlock. In 36 states today, people are voting for new governors. Colorado is one of them. I hate election days. They simply remind me of the last one. And I was living in Wyoming then!

Luckily for me though, any discouragement I tend to feel can always be ameliorated with a delicious meal. Tonight, of course, it is pizza.

In other news: Kevin Federline just as pathetic as you imagined, minute rice is no where NEAR as good as long grain, Eva Longoria wishes she were made of bronze, and Paris Hilton bruises easily.


afs said...

hah! the superficial.com!

Lauren said...

Did you bump into Dick Cheney? Maybe I'll bump into Britney...

Anonymous said...

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