Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cooking up a storm

I have been cooking and I cannot get the smell of garlic out from under my fingernails! This actually keeps me up at night!

My good friend Lesha brightened my weekend by sending me a package which included the following hat:

No wonder people stare at me.

She MADE the hat though. I'm so excited about it. There are three things that I am excited about regarding this hat: a) it is purple.... I've never had a purple hat! b) it has pom poms on the ends of the strings.... now I can hit myself in the face when performing stupid jumps of excitement! and c) it has EARS. This is perfect because my ears are covered up by the hat! How am I supposed to hear clearly???

One of the books she sent me I have been waiting to read since I heard about it months ago (no.... it is not the trashy romance novel she sent me. The other one). The book is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It is about those split decisions we make without thinking. I'm excited about it because as a rather impulsive person, I always make decisions that way. I'm reading this book to feel more justified in my decision making strategies.

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