Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who here eats raw???

On another note about food, (yeah..... sorry. I can't seem to help myself)....

I went to this wonderful restaurant in Chicago the other day called Karyn's Gourmet Raw Food. For more information on this restaurant if you're interested, go to: There is a cooked restaurant, a raw restaurant and a sort of cafe type store. We had Basil Ravioli, Stuffed Pizza, Pesto Linguini (the "pasta" was zucchini), and a burger (made entirely of raw grains and vegetables!). Then we split [we, by the way is Monte, me, Tim and Luke (two of my brothers)] a carob pudding comprised of carob, avocado, dates, and walnuts. I felt SO GOOD after this meal. And now I'm all pumped to learn how to cook like this!

Well, I WAS..... until I found out that I need a blender, a food processor, and a juicer. Sigh. Next time perhaps. Happy New Year Everyone!


Bone-a-fide said...

I do! I love raw food too! It was so easy in New York City. There were a couple great places I could go to that made delicious raw food that kept you glowing. I really do believe in the raw food diet as a lifestyle--I did a mostly raw diet for 6 weeks last year before my surgery and never felt better in my life. But I came up against the same problem as you: too much work and too much money to invest in the tools. I even bought a fancy-pants blender, only to find that all the raw soups and dips I made were disgusting.

Still, I should take a raw food class. Thanks for reminding me!

Aubrey said...

Ooooh - let me know if you do end up taking a raw food class! Even if it is a bit out of my way.... I think it would be worth it!