Thursday, January 04, 2007

Greek Islands

Last night, I went with my family to Greek Islands for dinner. This is fabulous for MANY reasons. Lydia and I (my youngest sister) have been perfecting this meal for years..... carefully tweaking our ordering each time we go. This time, we finally enjoyed the perfect meal. It was as follows:

1. Avgolemono (which is an egg lemon soup) and some saganaki as an appetizer.
2. Three glasses of red wine for me, a couple of sips for Lydia.

3. Tzatziki and pita bread (to share)
4. Whitefish (but hold the nasty potato crap that comes on the side) we got baked okra instead.

5. This amazing honey yogurt almond dessert which is no longer on the menu but can be requested apparently.

The bunch of us after a LARGE meal. Hmmm. Brian (April's boyfriend) was there somewhere too....... [Me, Monte, Lydia (16 year old sister), Brigitte (step-mom), Dad, Adam (17 year old brother), April.]

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