Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The State of the Union

Last night was the state of the union address
I wasn't excited to watch it unless
I learned something new
That wasn't untrue
And didn't leave me with feelings of distress. (BAH!)

NCLB isn't working however
It hasn't been given the chance
Immigration is a concern
We want illegal workers to earn
A temporary worker program we must finance. (Wow. This is terrible!)

Health Insurance still must be privatized
Is privatized even a word?
Another tax break
Designed just to make
A problem today to tomorrow deferred.

A Diversified fuel supply is a must
But does "clean coal" even exist?
A half hour of this depression
And he's on to the bigger question
How long in Iraq will we persist??

We have a new strategy this time.
America has to give it a chance!
This time we won't fail
It's down to detail
Twenty thousand more troops to advance!

Iran is a problem once again
We fear they might be going nuclear
Some crap about diplomacy
Nothing rhymes with diplomacy
Bush still mispronounces it nucyoolur. (which doesn't rhyme)

The thing that really upsets me
Is the genocide going on in Darfur
With our sense of responsibility
Isn't it just hostility
To ignore it and let it occur?

Finally, the speech started to bore me.
Everybody falsely seemed to agree
I started to daydream
Because this address didn't seem
Like anything that would have an effect on me.

Time then to turn to Gilmore Girls:
My typical Tuesday communion.
A fantasy town
To successfully drown
My despair over the state of our union.

This is the worst poem I've ever written. In fact, I can't call it a poem. It is a mess. And if you read this far, well...... WOW! You must really love me!


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know that it was the WORST poem I have ever read!! It stated all that needed to be stated! And yes, privatized is a word. We use it all the time up here in canada land!!! :)

afs said...

you're so weird. I can't believe you took the time to write that.