Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some Of The Best Company Was Had Today

Though I am a tidy person and keep things straight, clean, and organized; though I love to cook, and don't mind yard work, I hate HATE HATE folding and putting away clean laundry. Below is a mess of clean laundry just a couple of feet away from my closet. I actually step over it to get to the closet! It is all clean..... half of it is folded...... I just can't bring myself to put it away. Help!

And just so you didn't think my obsession with food had disappeared, I have a comment or two to add about my recent food experiences. Though my food cravings typically tend toward the gourmet, or the really healthy (at least usually the complicated), I have recently been craving the stuff that resembles food.

Does anyone remember handisnacks? Those delightful little packages with four rectangular crackers, a little tub of orange spread that resembles cheese, and the tiny little red plastic spreader that makes it all worthwhile?
Well, they STILL EXIST! Even now that I am an adult..... they still exist! I don't remember how I got these as a child...... my mom always made sure we ate REAL food. It seems like the kind of thing my sister and I might have bought at the White Hen with my babysitting money while we were skipping a music class one Saturday, but I don't really remember. It is cheese and crackers for dinner for me! However, my dinner is actually going to be halfway between foodstuff and food...... Olive Oil and Cracked Pepper Triscuts and Port Wine Cheese Spread. Does that go better with red wine or a martini? Anyone?


afs said...

hah! that suitcase picture is hysterical. I'd actually sort of like to take a nap in that mess of clothes.

afs said...

also, Mom: if you're reading this. we didn't really skip music classes on saturdays. maybe just a few. only aubrey's classes, though. I never skipped mine.